Wine Tourism



If you want to ally the fantastic Portuguese landscapes with the pleasure of tasting a good wine, this is the route you don’t want to miss. The wine tourism is an activity with intend to engage the visitor in to the culture of the wine region production and also to the drink creation details. It’s about to provide an experience that excels in the use of the five senses by observing the vineyards, to listen the stories told by the producers, to feel the delicate scent of the wines and enjoy its taste, touch the bottles and other elements that form an integral part of wine production process.



Farm Winery

  • It is in cadaval which is situated one of the oldest wine-producing farms in the area of Lisbon; this farm have been acquired in 1760 by Marquês of Pombal, it is believed that at the time this place already counted on the vine cultivation since the earliest references date back to 1492 (the year of the document in which D. Marinho de Noronha received from John II the letter of the jurisdiction donation and Cadaval County rents). In the 90s, Luis Vieira takes the farm to its own and since then started the winery modernization and vineyards.


  • Here you can enjoy fine dining in the company excellent quality wine. The restaurant is housed in a restored space with room for 34 people, built in the cellar of the building between the rustic landscape of vineyards and the magnificence of Montejunto’s sierra.

Wine Tasting

  • During the visit to the farm you can taste 6 wine selections, including:

  • Castelo do Sulco selection

  • Quinta do Gradil selection

  • Casa das Gaeiras selection

  • Monovarietais selection

  • Reserve selection 

  • Marquês's Premium selection 


Ifyou want to take a bottle with you as a souvenir, or even to offer to someone special, just visit the store where every farm portfolio products are available.




Gradil’s Farm tour

  • This route consists in a short circuit, which is consist by the visit of the patrimonial inheritance and the winemaking process. From the vineyards, to the wine cellar, finishing in the tasting room, it will be given to you the opportunity to meet some of the products produced on the farm. This tour lasts two hours, it includes a test of four wines Quinta do Gradil and culminates with a visit to the wine shop.


Recantos do Marquês Tour

  • This path begins in the vineyards, were is given you to known the varieties of grapes which the wines are produced with, through forests and eucalyptus plantations to meet the story places involving the farm. The mill, the aqueduct and the chapel are some of the rests of older times that invite you to visit this farm and the stories lost in time. At the end you will have the opportunity to taste the nectars that today tell the story of Quinta do Gradil in Portugal and worldwide. This is, then, a program consisting of a pedestrian or horse riding route (according to customer preference) about 7 km, whose duration is half day.

Santa Rita's owls Tour

  • IThe abundance of farmland makes the farm and its surroundings a privileged space for nesting birds. It was next to the palace of the Marquis, more specifically in the chapel tower of Santa Rita, that a couple of Tyto Alba species of owls chose to nest. This activity goes on for a whole day and include wine tasting, interpreted and directed route, lunch at the Gradil farm restaurant and visit to CRASM (Centro de Recuperação de Animais Selvagens de Montejunto). You can choose to make this itinerary by car, Jeep or quad bike.

Montejunto farm Tour

  • This tour begins with a welcome champagne, complemented by some typical region products. Then we’re up to the discovery of Montejunto mountains, crossing fields and valleys to the Chapel of Nossa Sra. Das Neves. Once we reached the top of the mountain it will be at the bar that you will eat a bucha pica from the region, wherewith Castelo do Sulco wines, still followed by a guided visit to the Royal Ice Factory. Returning to the farm you will end the day with a meal in the restaurant. This program consists in a route of 20 km that can be done in quad bike, car or jeep, which the activities lasts for an entire day.


Note: The guided walking tour, the wine tasting, the “bucha pica” in the Sierra Bar and dinner in the farm's restaurant are included in this Tour.

Gaeiras’s Garden Tour

  • The Gaeiras’s house was founded in 1790 by Antonio da Silva Pinheiro, kingdom doctor and administrator of the Caldas da Rainha Royal Hospital. In the 40’s José Ferreira Pinto Basto joined the family and thanks to their training in oenology he contributed to a large increase of Gaeiras’s wines, which notoriety and recognition is international in character. In the garden trees and flowers of bright colors prevail, a unique collection that you will have the opportunity to meet. The visit ends with House of Gaeiras Wines tasting, and this activity last for half day. 


  • The time of harvest is the highlight of wine production; It’s at this time that vineyards come alive for the grape harvest that over a year, matured in the vine, giving by completed a cycle in the vineyards initiating another in the cellar. The activity begins with the grapes picking to proceed next to the cut of the berries into vessels that are properly taken to the tractor. Then the grapes go forwards to the winery where will be made a break to restore the energies. In the afternoon, and if conditions allow to, the adventurous will have the opportunity to tread the grapes and thus to experience the ancestral method of wine production.


Note: The welcome snack, the monitoring of all activity, proof of wines and lunch are included in this pack.


Bread and Wine in the Mill

  • This activity starts with a welcome champagne. Then we go head to the top of Montejunto's mountain, toward the Aviz mill, where you will have opportunity to taste some local food, along with regional bread and farm's wine. After the grain milling you will have the opportunity to work and bake bread, ending this journey through Portuguese knowledge and flavors in the farm's restaurant. This route goes for a whole day and include Jeep transfers to the mill, wine tasting, lunch and dinner in the Aviz's mill.


Vinhas de Montejunto