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Do you need a transfer?




For your convenience, Route Tour provides you the transfer service.

We will transport our customers and respective luggage from the moment of arrival at the airport, or any other landing point, to his place of stay anywhere in the country.

The driver will be combined in a timely manner a duly identified with a card which will contain your name, allowing customers to identify clearly and quickly the person that awaits them.

So just left you to enjoy the journey to your destination in comfort of our vans.











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  • Bottled Water
  • Internet Wi-fi



Nr. Pax           Preço Total          Preço Pax

1                          35€                     35.00€
2                          45€                     22.50€
3                          45€                     15.00€

4                          70€                     17.50€

5                          70€                     14.00€

6                        70€                       11.66€

7                         70€                       10.00€

8__                        70€                       8.75€


*Prices for the city of Lisbon

**For other cities, please contact us for a quote.


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