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Évora is an Alentejo’s town, UNESCO heritage and rich in history and ancient monuments. In this region we can find the most ancient megalithic monuments of Europe and Roman century remains. In this city deeply characterized by its architectural culture, you can feel the picturesque charm of its narrow cobbled streets and strong Roman-inspired buildings. Its medieval squares and archaeological ruins allow visitors fall in love by this "open air museum" whilst continuing to enjoy the fantastic traditional Alentejo’s gastronomy.




Roman Temple

  • In the historic center you can visit one of the most symbolic monuments, deeply marked the Roman presence in Portugal. This point of tourist attraction is called the "Roman Corinthian temple of Évora" or "Temple of Diana" dated century. 1 AD. and was built as a pillar of honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus.


Praça do Giraldo and Local trade

  • In Évora all paths cross in this square. This place was built in honor of Geraldo Geraldes, warrior responsible for the conquest of the city from the Moors in 1167. The square its made up of a beautiful marble Baroque fountain and a wonderful local trade area, which is hidden by arcades on the adjacent buildings, which in hot weather extends the sidewalk square with soothing terraces.


Church of S Francisco and Chapel of Bones

  • The church of St. Francis is it a religious building that blends the Gothic, Mudejar and Manuelino. With a majestic architecture, the core of this heritage is covered by a giant dome of stone, being a construction reference and masterpiece of Portuguese Gothic style. Built in the XVIII century. There is a chapel attached to this fully lined church with human bones. The initiation of this construction came by monks who claimed to represent the transition from life to death; at the chapel’s entry its posted a notice in Latin with the famous words "We bones that here remain, for yours will be waiting."


Almendres Cromlech

  • This is the most important megalithic monument of Europe, not only for its size but also for its condition. This monument of the 3rd millennium BC period, consists on 95 monoliths prehistoric stones placed in a circular arrangement and some inscriptions that were used to decorate the menhirs.





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