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Parque das Nações - A World of Possibilities

Welcome to Modern Lisbon, a contemporary city!

The whole of the Parque das Nações affords beautiful views over the River Tagus, where the water and sky blend into a merged horizon.

Catering for a range of interests, from the architecture to the cultural activities on offer, there is much to explore on this side of the city.

Right "on top of" the river we have a small sample of the Ocean: the Oceanarium. An immeasurably vauable jewel of Lisbon, this authentic oasis allows isitor to see sea-life up close, through the meticulous reconstruction of the natural habitat of animal and plant species. The oceanarium gives the public the opportunity to dive into the everyday life of a variety of living animals.

After exercising your mind in the Knowledge Pavilion, one of the points of interests in the Parque das Nações, it is time to feed the body. Just choose from among the huge selections of restaurants, bars or shops in the park.

Why not try your luck inside the Casino Lisboa, and end the day by nourishing your soul with a concert in the now mythical Atlantic Pavilion.

The Parque das Nações supplies a world of experiences, from cable cars and bicycles, from restaurants to walks in the great outdoors.

It is worth keeping tabs on the different events that take place at the Lisbon International Fair.


Parque das Nações is a part of the Lisbon Tour (Full day)

If you are interested in doing this tour, send us an email to and ask for a quote.

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