Towards the City Centre

The centre of Lisbon, in the very heart of the millenary city, is where a gateway to the world was opened in the 15th century.

Today it is the Terreiro do Paço, in bygone times a powerful square where anything could happen, and still today a stage for important events.

This is the ideal starting point for a journey of discovery through Lisbon.

Following the river to Santos, we find 1001 ways to enjoy the night.

Further ahead is Belém and time to rediscover the History of Portugal, without forgetting Lisbon´s historical neighbourhoods, before emerging into the new city.

We invite you to walk along the streets where the city grew, to get to know the monuments that recount its history, to learn what the authentic alfacinhas (nickname for Lisbon dwellers) are made of, and to discover the modern metropolis looking to the future.

Prepare yourselves for and intense and surprising city. A city of contrasts where the antiquity of the Historical Neighbourhoods sits harmoniously with the vibrant modernity of the opposite end of town, the Parque das Nações.

Above all we invite you to feel the heartbeat of this city and experience Lisbon from the inside.

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