The past and the future in the same street

From the Baixa to Chiado anything can happen.

An essential quarter of the city, the cradle of Lisbon´s soul, rich in vestiges from bygone time, traditional shops, urban art, entertainment, youthful zest, shows, music and surprises around every corner.

Here the fertile streets live and breath the real Lisbon. No surprise, therefore, that it is the birthplace of the Lisbon dweller´s identity.

Drinking a "bica" /strong coffee) on a café patio almost 100 years old, imbued with stories and memories of past poets, who remain alive in popular memory.

This is living in Lisbon.

Not to be Missed: Visitors to Lisbon are simply obliged to take a stroll through the Baixa Pombalina, the downtown quarter that was completely rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake.

The Rua Augusta Arch, which has opened to the public and from which one has a breathtaking view over Lisbon and the Tagus River.

The Lisbon Story Centre, which recounts over twenty centuries of the history of this singular city, via sensorial, entertaining and fun experiences.

Terreiro do Paço, a refurbished location with café patios that invite one to socialise.

Traditional Shopping with a wide variety of traditional and alternative store.

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