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A country beyond poetry, fado, history & gastronomy...

Portugal is known for being a country with Mediterranean climate, one of Europe's countries with milder temperatures, especially when compared to northern Europe.

With a great diversity of landscape is possible, in a few minutes, to pass mountains, hills and parks, and even some of the most popular water sports beaches, without forgetting the large urban centers and cultural centers.

One of the cultural references to which it is impossible to resist, and highly appreciated by those who visit Portugal is the gastronomy. Each region has a wide variety of traditional dishes, where you can taste fish dishes, especially cod, seafood, and also meat and sausages, not forgetting the olive oil and bread. To accompany the meals there’s nothing like a good wine from regions like Dão, Douro and Alentejo. Finally you don’t want to end your meal without experiencing one of the traditional convent desserts or one of the so famous and tasty Belém pastries.

Best Sellers Tours

Tour of Lisbon

The capital of Portugal stands out for its diversity and financial commercial, political, cultural, artistic, educational and tourist importance. Lisbon is known as the "city of seven hills" and Fado, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is the music which traditionally is heard in streets and squares of the big city. While wandering through Lisbon is impossible to remain indifferent to its diversity and beauty of architectural monuments and buildings, to the historical neighbourhoods, the beauty of the riverside, and the famous public vehicle – the tramway.

During the tour there will be revealed city charms, history and traditions. We'll take you to visit the most important monuments in the age of the Portuguese discoveries, the most typical neighborhoods and historic areas of Lisbon.


  • Belém Custard Tart (Pastel de Belém )
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Tour of Sintra, Cascais e Estoril

Price since 37€*

Sintra is a district known by the mysticism and romanticism in which it is surrounded. Elected as a summer destination for the Portuguese royal family, this territory has a vast sort of palaces, mansions, cottages, convents, churches, chapels and shrines, as well as natural parks rich in fauna and flora species, forests and walls witch surround some village properties. Here you can also find a variety of art and culture exhibitions that can be found in different museums of Sintra. The homecoming is made by the Town of Cascais and Marginal Avenue.


  • Queijada de Sintra (Sweet Typical) 
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Tour of Fátima, Batalha, Nazaré e Óbidos

Price since 45€*

The town of Fatima is one of the largest pilgrimage centers of the Catholic world, attracting an average of 6 million visitors a year. It was in this small town, that on May 13 of 1917, the Virgin Mary has made the first appeared to three shepherd children to reveal his message of peace. Currently this place covers an area twice the size of St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, and is called "Altar of the World".


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Tour of Évora

Price since 47€*

Évora is an Alentejo’s town, UNESCO heritage and rich in history and ancient monuments. In this region we can find the most ancient megalithic monuments of Europe and Roman century remains. In this city deeply characterized by its architectural culture, you can feel the picturesque charm of its narrow cobbled streets and strong Roman-inspired buildings. Its medieval squares and archaeological ruins allow visitors fall in love by this "open air museum" whilst continuing to enjoy the fantastic traditional Alentejo’s gastronomy.


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  • Visit to Wine Cellars

Tour of Óbidos e Mafra

Price since 38€*

The medieval town of Obidos is one of the treasures of the West of Portugal. Here you will find numerous tourist attractions in a village that once fortified not only the Portuguese nation whose founding origins of the Romans left. Without dispense a complete visit to the village, the monuments that most characterize Óbidos arise at the entrance to the "Porta da Vila", and you can scroll through historical paths that guide us to the castle, which fortifications protected Romans, Arabs and Portugueses.


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